July 14, 2018

This was my first KCDC and it was incredible. The leaders ran the conference very well. I was impressed with how thoughtful they were to the speakers, including perks like a sweet hotel, a great party, neat shirts, and a photographer to take headshots.

I gave a new-ish presentation: GitHub Pages: A Platform For Cheapskates. This was really my first technical presentation outside of the Microsoft stack. I host this site, my personal blog, and a few sites for local groups on GitHub Pages for free, and it's pretty easy to do once you wrap your head around the concept of static site generators. I was happy to talk to a few people after the session about how they might use it. As always I came away with a lot of ideas on how to add more compelling content and improve some rough spots.

I definitely recommend attending KCDC at least once, but if you have the opportunity to speak I hope you're able to. This was probably my favorite conference I've ever attended.

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